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  Gothic / Alternative Fashion :: Jewelry & Adornment
*Also see listings under Jewelry & Ornament on The Costume Site
Alchemy Gothic
Watches, rings, pendants, clocks, hair accessories, dishes, tankards, walking sticks, picture frames and much more. New Alchemy Empire Steampunk line of jewelry and accessories.
Alternative Boo-Teek
Handmade Necklaces and bracelets. Cute charm bracelets.
Non-piercing body jewelry
Art of Adornment
Gothic Victorian Bracelets, cameos, necklaces, gloves, earrings, hair decor, hats and hosiery. Love the Nocturne Gothic Pendant Watch Necklace @ only $20.. and the watch works too.
Handcrafted goggles, ready made or custom.
You can order The One Ring here from The Lord of the Rings. Gold, silver or Platinum. Really nice pieces
Bindis for all occasions
Black Orchid Designs
A bit of everything with a gothic and steampunk flair. Adornments including accessories, hats, bags, corsets, custom wigs and dreads, gloves, goggles, horns, masks, wings and embellishments for the home.
Buckle City
Belts and belt buckles. Studded belts, buckles featuring skulls, renaissance & celtic designs, superheros, TV & Movies, Vintage and Retro styles.
Camelot Enterprises
Beaded Jewelry and Feather Fans
Cthulhu Jewellery & Gifts
Handmade jewellery and eldritch accessories inspired by HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.
Dan Jewelers
Gothic, Dark, Celtic, Dragon, and Alchemy jewelry.
Debstar Designs
Debstar Designs is all about the Goth, the Rockabilly, the Punk, the Roller Derby Babe and the Twisted Princess that's inside us all. To those who prefer things a lil warped,
Gothic Victorian Steampunk jewelry. Chokers, necklaces, bracelets, headdresses and facinators, body harnesses. Lovely pieces and reasonably priced.
DragonWeave Jewelry
Sterling silver, leather, pewter, and steel jewelry in Celtic, Asian, Gothic, Egyptian, Steampunk and Fantasy designs.
For the finest Steampunk Jewelry, edmdesigns offers a variety of unique art pieces for the eclectic and sophisticated purveyor of fine, hand-crafted accessories for men and women.

For a broad selection of antiquated treasures that compliment your discerning lifestyle, we invite you to browse the categories below, including Steampunk Cufflinks, Steampunk Necklaces, Steampunk Rings, Steampunk Bracelets, Steampunk Brooches and Pins, Steampunk Earrings, Steampunk Goggles as well as our unique line of Mixed Media Steampunk Fashion Wrist Cuffs.
Gothic jewelry, accessories and decor. French web store.
Eyescream Jewelry
Unusual designs inspired by Art Nouveau, Victorian, Gothic and Ancient Egyptian designs. Reasonable prices
Femme Metale
Sterling Silver jewelry that rocks. Gothic, Rockabilly, Asian inspired, tattoo flash, Victorian influenced and much more. Expensive.
Gasoline Glamour
Jewelry, accessories, leather and shoes. Some really unusual/unique designs- some are really 'out there'
Handcrafted Couture Noir jewelry and accessories. Victorian, steampunk, lolita, pirate and fairytale influences. They have a very unique take on finger armor; Creature claws.
GlitterGoth Alchemy Gothic Jewelry
Alchemy Gothic Jewelry, Decor & accessories. Steampunk, Gothic, and Metal jewelry, glassware, watches.
Glitz and Bits
Chokers, necklaces, rings, body jewelry, gloves and bracelets
Goth World
Alchemy Gothic jewelry and accessories.
Gothic Style
Massive selection of gothic jewelry. Carries most of the Alchemy Gothic range, as well as some on-of's. Some of the most popular are Gothic crosses and crucifixes,pentagrams, mystic symbols, daggers and weapons. Gothic and Victorian lockets,silver bullet pendants. Sterling, steel, leather, and pewter. Some personalized pieces available.
Gothic jewelry: Pendants, rings, earrings, belt buckles, bracelets, hair, watches. Lifestyle: Purses, candellight, dining, car, swords. Also gothic clothing and footwear.
Grow your own Horns
DIY guide to making accessory horns
Unique leather belts and bags. Steampunk!
Kitsch n Kouture
Groove jewelry featuring retro, spiders, dino's, tattoo inspired designs. You won't see some of these anywhere else. Designs good for steampunk, gothic, retro looks.
Custom designed hats and headpieces. Bridal, Victorian, Steampunk, Circus, Mini Top Hats & Headpieces
Magenta Crow
Gothic, Biker and Alternative Jewelry, gifts and fashion. Brands Such as Alchemy Gothic, Hades Footwear, New Rock Footwear and more. UK Based.
Marche Noir
Original works in Silver and Steel
Moonshine Baby
Vintage and fantasy inspired headwear, veils, jewelry, hats, and gloves. Etsy seller.
Museum of Jewelry
Reproduction historic jewelry
Organic Armor
Handmade armor for tribal fair punks, video game priestesses, alien viking warriors and circus divas among other things. All pieces are one of a kind and look like antique metal or leather but are actually rubber.
Chokers, circlets, horns, crowns, bracers, belts, cuffs.. you get the idea.
Parrish Relics
Original jewelry inspired by the Ornate & Lavish designs of Earthly Ages Past & Otherworldly Realms of Enchantment
Bindi's. Also henna and Mehndi supplies
Handmade jewelry and accessories. Headbands, ties, eye masks and patches, necklaces, steampunk pendants, and more.
Rabbitwood & Reason
Handcrafted Victorian, Art Nouveau, Medieval, Italian Renaissance, Tudor, and fantasy jewelry
Raven Eve
Gothic and Victorian inspired designs. Beautiful necklaces, chokers, bracelets and earrings. This is nice stuff, not mass produced
Rock N Goth Shop
Stocks every Alchemy product available including the Steampunk line. Jewelry, music merchandise, accessories, giftware, decor, dining, t-shirts, paper products, utility belts. Also carries the Limited Edition "Omega" guitar and Steampunk goggles from Professor Maelstrom. Worldwide Shipping.
RockLove Jewelry
Handmade silver jewelry with the alternative edge. Has some really interesting stuff.
Gothic jewelry and accessories. Mini top hats, collars, headpieces, neck wear and more. Unique, original designs.
Fangs and theatrical contact lenses. Also the site of the Vampyrnation homepage.
Gothic and Steampunk jewelry. Alchemy Gothic, Alchemy Empire lines. Pentagram, Pentacle, Crosses, Ankh, Skulls, Bats, Tribal, Rock and Roll, Tattoo and other designs.
Sombre Passion
Gothic, Punk, Metal, Romantic, Victorian and Medieval inspired jewelry, accessories and clothing. French web store.
Starr Fayrie
Faerie wings and hats
Steel Toe Studios
Hand forged buckles and hand dyed leather belts
Sunspot Designs
Jewelry that celebrates the beauty of the shadows. Has some really nice necklaces in particular. Also has some cute anklets with ankhs and crystal beads
Suppurate System
Industrial, gothic, cyber, fetish & victorian jewelry & accessories
Thorgrid Jewelry
Steampunk jewelry
Three Rexes
Gothic, Celtic, Medieval, Fairytale rings and necklaces
Interesting and unusual light up watches. Very unique
Torture Couture
Cameo jewelry, mini top hats, goth hair, horror accessories, necklaces, cocktail rings, bracelets and earrings
Urban Body Jewelry
Plugs,tubes,earrings and alternative jewelry
Velvet Mechanism
Steampunk Jewelry, harnesses and more
Vicious Angelz
Gothic necklaces and headdresses. Only 11 items at this time, more coming soon.
Victorian Charm
Victorian influenced jewelry
Whitby Jet Shop
Jet jewelry
Wild Eyes
Special effects contact lenses
Wizards Whimsy
Fantasy and Gothic jewelry.
We sell studded leather belts and wristbands, plain and printed leather wristbands, web belts, Knotty Boy and DreadFX dreadlock maintenance products, La Riche Directions hair dye (in every colour of the rainbow), tattoo aftercare balm, piercing aftercare solution, sweatbands, pewter belt buckles, heavy duty chain chokers and bracelets and bullet belts.

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