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  Costume :: Instructions
How to make your visions come to reality.
1330 Cotehardie
1895 Skirt Pattern
A Complete Course in Millinery
Twenty-four practical lessons detailing the processes for mastering the art of millinery; a text book for teachers of millinery. A guide for the millinery workroom.
Especially comp. to provide complete and practical lessons for the student in shop or school or at home, founded on lessons in millinery from the Illustrated milliner, New York, arranged by Julia Bottomley, 1914, rev. by Emma Maxwell Burke, 1919.
Academy of Art University online
Fashion Design school online
Accademia Di Costume E Di Moda
Italian costume and fashion school
Andy Nguyen's Tailoring and Sewing Page
Drafting instructions with automated "drafters" for a few items. Just enter your measurements. Also some notes on sewing leather.
Arts University College Bournemouth
Offers a BA in Fashion studies. Located in the UK.
Carbon Costume
This website will help you put together a costume with everyday items. They include links to each of the items needed to complete the look.
Chainmaille How-to Includes patterns.
The Lord Randolph method.
Cloak & Corset
19th century Historical Clothing Construction. Unfortunately, most of the instructions are no longer free, but available for purchase on their site. There are still some good tips on their linked blog though.
Construction of the Spanish Farthingale
Instructions of drafting and constructing a farthingale.
Construction Guide for an 18th century Military Shirt
Cosplay manufacture process
How to use urethane foam for costuming
Costume Classroom
Online Costume, Fashion, History, and Sewing Classes
Costume College
Costume College® is an annual three-day costuming arts conference produced by Costumer's Guild West, Inc. We offer lectures, workshops and demos on all things costuming: from general sewing (pattern grading, setting sleeves, etc.) to historical construction methods (corsetry, petticoats, etc.) to time period overview classes to science fiction/fantasy costume construction. All of our classes are taught by volunteers who enjoying sharing their knowledge on a particular topic.

Along with the opportunity to learn new skills, we offer our members several social gatherings to show off their creations!

There is also a marketplace where you can purchase all sorts of costuming goodies.
Costumers Manifesto Wiki
Tons of info for instruction and inspiration. Please contribute to this great resource.
Delamar Academy of Make-up
The UK's leading professional make-up school.
Designing the perfect gown: From idea to reality
by Drea Leed
Dragana Edwards Sewing and Patternmaking
School located in Eltham North, Victoria, Australia. Offers online pattern making instruction.

There are some free downloads on the site for jacket tailoring, up-cycling, how to fix seam slippage, and others.
Dress and Cloak Fitting Made Easy
Instructions on drafting patterns. Guide originally published in 1880, so it is describing the drafting of clothing of that period although the method will work on other styles as well.
Fabrication Crafts Ltd
Located in Leeds, West Yorkshire. They offer historic costume classes throughout the year including Regency Dresses, Corsetry, Historical Embroidery Techniques, Medieval Clothing, Leather Moulding, Brass/Bronze/Silver Lost wax Casting, etc.

The 2nd Wednesday of each month they have Costume Clinics to those who may need a hand to sort out problems they are experiencing with floppy bows, quick release systems etc or just an extra pair of hands and eyes to help the Also offers a 1-1 service, as well as a bespoke costume making service.
Educational resource for fabrics and apparel. Dictionaries, stain guides, fiber history, fiber and fabric education.
Farsetto Construction of the Italian Renaissance (1425-1470)
© 2002 Elizabeth Jones
Background, research, and how to make.
Farthingales Online Corset Class
Online corset Class
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
FIDM is a specialized, private college dedicated to educating students for the Fashion, Theater Costume, Graphics, Interior Design, and Entertainment Industries
Fiberglass 101-Armor Construction
Fiberglass 102- Armor construction
Fosshape Tutorial
Basic Information plus
• How to build a Skullcap
• How to build a Top Hat
• How to build a renaissance headdress
• Fantasy Headdresses
Free Islamic Patterns
Free Pattern: Everyday Frills skirt
Free skirt pattern for the corporate steampunk.
Free Pattern: Everyday Tails
Nice vest with tails for the corporate steampunk.
Free Pattern: Men's Waistcoat (Vest)
Downloadable vintage pattern. Video tutorials on how to size the pattern to fit.
Free Pattern: Women's Corset Top
Free Pattern: Women's Vest
Downloadable pattern and instructions for a ladies vest. Steampunk possibilities.
Gear Template generator
Useful for Steampunk designs. This template generator is intended for generating paper templates for cutting low precision gears from plywood, phenolic, or other suitable materials with a band saw.
Guide for Construction of Regimental Coat
Home Millinery Course
A thorough, practical and complete series of lessons published in 1909 by National Millinery Company. Reprinted online.
How to Cut, Fit, and Finish a Dress
Guide on how to make patterns from existing garments. Originally published in 1892.
How To: Italian Ribbon Coifs
How to: 14th century lady's circlet and veil
How to: 16th century Russian Coat
©2006 Jennifer Thies
How to: 1700's clothing
Instructions on making 18th century clothing, hairdos and cosmetics for men and women. Including free patterns!
How to: 1770s Pouf Wig Tutorial
How to make a pouf wig from an existing wig to compliment your 18th century outfit.
How to: 1820-1840 Corset
Free pattern and instructions for construction both the period and the modern way.
How to: 1850's Ladies Basquine
How to: 1880s Day and Evening Dress: Bodice
Free pattern with instructions.
How to: 18th century stays
Instructions with pattern.
How to: 1907 Ladies Evening Costume
How to: 1912-1914 Ladies Custom Drafted Skirt
Free pattern and instructions.
How to: 1915 Middy Blouse
Instructions from Katherine's Dress Site. Pattern coming soon.
How to: A Simple 18th Century Pouf Hairstyle
You'll need one hair piece to match your own hair for this.
How to: Add EL wire to your creation
How to: Add Wefts to Wigs
How to: Airbrush
Free airbrush lessons, articles, tutorials and videos.
How to: Apply Form Latex Prosthetic Appliances
How to: Apply vinyl over foam
How to: Armor From Wonderflex
How to use Wonderflex to make costume armor pieces, jewelry, shoe toppers.
How to: Armor Strapping Guide
How to wear armor.
How to: Armored Cups (Breastplate) Tutorial
For the ladies to make a breastplate that actually fits your breasts.
How to: Articulated Angel Wings
This tutorial teaches you to build life-sized, fully articulated wings, as well as a body harness to support them without hurting your back or shoulders.
How to: Articulated Wing Framework
Make this with balsa wood and an old frame backpack
How to: Articulated Wings
How to make articulated wings and attach them.
How to: Attach a hood
You can use this method for making a hooded shirt from scratch or for reconstructing an existing shirt.
How to: Basic Coutil Corset
© Sidney Eileen
How to: Basic Pattern Drafting
(c) 2006 Tammie L. Dupuis
How to: Basic Petticoat
© Elizabeth Stewart Clark 2010.
How to: Basic Wig Styling
How to: Bend PVC pipe
How to: Bloomers; another tutorial
How to: Bow Tie
Bow ties are cool!
How to: Build a Foam Latex Bake Oven
How to: Build a prop Jet Pack
YouTube video tutorial.
How to: Build a simple Vacuum Form Table
How to: Build a VacuumForm Table
How to: Build cheap Sci-Fi Armor
YouTube tutorial on how to make sci-fi DEAD SPACE inspired armor out of garage rubber foam pads and the use of a heat gun.
How to: Build Metal Gauntlets
How to: Build your own Light Saber
Not 'user friendly'.
How to: Bustle a skirt
How to: Bustle Pad
Tutorial on making a Bustle Pad
How to: Bustled overskirt from an existing skirt
For steampunk and Victorian outfits.
How to: Butterfly Henin
How To: Care and Cleaning of ChainMaille
by Lord Randolph
How to: Cast with Pebeo / Gedeo Siligum and Crystal Resin
How to: Casting Resin
Handy tutorial for making your own props, embellishments and jewelry.
How to: Casting, Molding, and Armor Creation
Includes: Planning and Reference, Body Casting, Sculpting, Casting, Molding the Armor, Attaching & Fitting, Electronics, and Painting. From
How to: Chainmaille tutorial
How to: Cheap and Easy Screen Printing
Tutorial aimed at small, one-of screen prints out of cheap materials without having to buy or make a screen printing rig.
How to: Choosing the right sewing machine needle
How to: Construct a 16th century Flemish Outfit
Includes patterns and/or pattern drafting instructions for a Smock, Kirtle, Gown, Sleeves, Partlet, Apron, and Headwear. Link at the end of the page to photos of outfits made with these instructions.
How to: Construct a Headdress
Video Tutorial on how to make an Art Nouveau and Art Deco headdress.
How to: Convert modern shoes into 18th Century Shoes
How to: Corset Construction
Series of 20 Video tutorials from materials, scaling and drafting a pattern and constructing a corset.
How to: Cosplay Armor of Foam and Vinyl tutorial
How to: Costume and Propmaking Tutorials
Multiple tutorials. Star Wars costumes, vacuum forming, latex mask making, making a bodycast,
©Studio Creations
How to: Cover foam props with Wonderflex
YouTube video tutorial.
How to: Craft Foam Boot Covers
Tutorial for boot covers, but also good for other craft foam armor pieces.
How to: Craft Foam Finishing
Tutorial to achieve a nice finish on craft foam.
How to: Craft Foam tutorial
How to: Create a convincing Metallic surface on wood or plastic
How to: Create a Sewing Center
How to: Create Facial Prosthetics
Using liquid latex and toilet paper.
How to: Crespinettes
How to: Curl synthetic wigs with hot water
Curling method for non-high temp synthetic fiber wigs.
How to: Custom Dress Form
Four different methods to make your own custom dress form
How to: Cut fabric with Cricut
How to: Cutting Table with Storage
How to: Dark Crystal Skeksis Costume
Make a Skeksis from the 1982 Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal.
How to: Dia de los Muertos Makeup
YouTube video tutorial
How to: Digital Pattern Cutting
This technique can increase your pattern cutting speed dramatically and allow you to save, copy, transfer and share your patterns quickly and effortlessly.
The first step is a womenswear or menswear measurement generator followed by 4 video tutorials using Illustrator and Photoshop
How to: Digitigrade stilts
This tutorial is not for the beginner. This stilt leg harness is to achieve digitigrade legs like for a werewolf, horse, or other animal. Materials cost will be around $100-$200 and design will hold up to a 200lb person carrying 30lbs of weight.
How to: Double-Breasted Waistcoat
Free pattern and instructions for a great steampunk ladies vest.
How to: Draft a Corset Pattern
Tutorial to help you draft a custom fitted corset pattern.
How to: Draft a flared back coat pattern
How to: Draft a pattern for fitted Gaiters
Spats for your Victorian or Steampunk outfit.
How to: Draft an underbust Corset Pattern
Step by step instructions to draft a custom fitted corset pattern.
How to: Draft your own Chemise
© Elizabeth Stewart Clark 2010
How to: Draft your own Corset (Beginners)
How to: Draft your own Split Drawers (Bloomers)
© Elizabeth Stewart Clark 2010
How to: Dragon Costume
How to: Dye a Wig using Speedball Ink
YouTube video tutorial.
How to: Dye a Wig: Vat method
Using an alcohol + ink dye. For synthetic wigs. YouTube video tutorial.
How to: Dye fake fur
How to: Dye Synthetic Wigs/Hair with FW acrylic ink
How to: Easy Bustle Skirt
For Steampunk and Victorian outfits.
How to: Easy halter top
Make an easy, no-sew halter top out of a tshirt.
How to: Easy Steampunk Pants
YouTube tutorial by Abney Park.
How To: Elements of Henna Patterns
Free Henna Patterns by Catherine Cartwright-Jones
How to: Fabric Covered Shoes
How to: Fabric Gradient Dyeing
©Fire Lily Cosplay
How to: Farthingales
Pattern comes out of Juan de Alcega's Tailor's Pattern Book #67
© 2006 Tammie L. Dupuis
How to: Foam Armor
YouTube tutorial.
How to: Foam Board Weapons
©Fire Lily Cosplay
How to: Foamed Gelatin Prosthetics
How to make with easily obtainable ingredients.
How to: Folding Fabric Fan
Make a folding fan to match your costume perfectly.
How to: Gathering and Ruffling the QUICK Way!
How to: Gelatin Ears and other Prosthetics
How to: Get a great fit on a budget Wig
How to: Get Vinyl to look like Distressed Leather
©2010 Studio Creations
How to: Gored Kirtle Pattern
How to: Haberdashery Belt
Free pattern and instructions. Nice for steampunk.
How to: Halo Armor
How to: Henna Techniques and Mixes
Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005, by Catherine Cartwright-Jones
How to: How to spruce up a basic wig
Video tutorial by LimeBarb.
How to: Install Hair Extensions with Bonding Adhesive
Doctored Locks Video tutorial. Can also be used to add extensions to wigs and hairpieces.
How to: Install Hair Extensions with Bonding tape
Doctored Locks video tutorial.
How to: Install Single-Ended Dreads
How to: Install Synthetic Double-Ended Dreads
How to: Judicious Padding: Making Bust Pads for Optimal Fit
Have you been terminally frustrated with the fit of your bodices? Are you finding little horizontal and diagonal folds above your bust line, with no way to remove them? This article is for you.
© Elizabeth Stewart Clark 2010
How to: Knee-high Spats
How to make knee-high Victorian/Steampunk spats/gaiters.
How to: Knife Pleating
How to: Leather Armor
YouTube tutorial.
How to: Leather finish on Craft Foam
Tutorial on how to make craft foam look like leather.
How to: Leather Steampunk Top Hat
How to: Lifecasting and Mold Making
Smooth-On YouTube instructional videos.
How to: Look great in a Veil
Or Veil and Circlet, with pictures.
How to: Machine Sew your own Wefts
Will need a triple needle for your sewing machine. Video tutorial to make hair extension or wig wefts.
How to: Make a bustle skirt from a window curtain panel
How to: Make a Bustle, apron or cape
YouTube video tutorial.
How to: Make a bustled overskirt from a rectangle of fabric
For steampunk and victorian outfits.
How to: Make a Caftan
Pattern drafting and construction instructions. Could be a good base for a lot of different costumes.
How to: Make a Cage Hoop Skirt
Also known as a Cage Crinoline, or Farthingale
How to: Make a cage hoop skirt for under $40
How to: Make a Cardcaptor Sakura costume
How to: Make a Coat of Plates
By Prince of Darkmoor
How to: Make a Coif
How to: Make a Contouche
Also known as sack back dress, saque, or robe à la française. Free instructions and pattern by L'Age d'Lumieres.
How to: Make a Corset
After you've made your custom pattern, you need to know how to put it all together.
How to: Make a Crown with Craft Foam
Tutorial is for a Zelda Armor Crown specifically. She also has patterns available for making this particular crown along with a Zelda belt and pauldrons.
How to: Make a custom Beret
How to: Make a custom mask
Example is a horse mask, but can use tutorial for just about anything you can think of
How to: Make a Dickey & Peter Pan Collar
Dickey pattern and article from a 1940s sewing booklet.
How to: Make a Fez
Instructions and pattern.
How to: Make a Hand Mandrel (for winding maille rings)
Copyright 2007 Forth Armoury
How to: Make a Handkerchief Skirt
Pattern and construction instructions. Good for wenches, gypsies and pirates.
How to: Make a Hat Block out of foam
How to: Make a helm from fiberglass
From Arms, Armor, and Awesome blog.
How to: Make a Hidden Pocket
How to: Make a hoop skirt for under $40
How to: Make a Houppelande
How to: Make a Jedi Robe
How to: Make a Jedi Tunic
How to: make a Kilt
How to: Make a Ladies Bodice with Bolero Front, 1896
How to: Make a Ladies Casaque
How to: Make a ladies hat from the 13th Century
How To: Make a Latex Mask
How to: Make a latex mold using brush on latex
How to: Make a lightweight cosplay Sword
Made using expanding foam.
How to: Make a mini Pirate Hat or mini Tricorn
Free pattern and tutorial to make these hats.
How to: Make a Mini Skirt with net underskirting
How to: Make a Mini Top Hat
How to: Make a Mongolian Boot
How to: Make a Necktie
Pattern drafting and assembly instructions.
How to: Make a Nineteen-Teens Pleated Skirt
Pattern and instructions from Katherine's Dress Site.
How to: Make a Norman Gown
How to: Make a Petticoat
Make it out of tulle or crinoline.
How to: Make a Pipboy 3000
Tutorial on how to make a Pipboy from the game Fallout.
How to: Make a pre formed cravat/bow tie
Mid-19th century. Can be made from scraps.
How to: Make a quick and easy tied Tutu
How to: Make a quick Shrug
How to make a shrug from an old sweater. Threadbanger YouTube tutorial.
How to: Make a Regency Bonnet
From Katherine's Dress Site.
How to: Make a Reticulated headdress
How to: Make a Ribbon Corset
How to: Make a Rolled/Stuffed hat
How to: Make a Sirwal (Turkish Trousers)
Very easy to sew, comfy too!
How to: Make a skullcap or helmet base with Fosshape
How to: Make a sunburst Cloak
Free custom pattern drafting and construction instructions.
How to: Make a Three-Tiered Skirt
Custom pattern drafting and construction instructions. Can be adapted for different lengths for steampunk and pirate garb.
How to: Make a Top hat with Fosshape
How to: Make a two-toned wig from two wigs
How to: Make a Viking Era Tunic
Copyright © 1993, 1997 Carolyn Priest-Dorman
How to: Make a Wand
Quick, inexpensive and easy method to make unique wands.
How to: Make a water based, non-drying clay
Clay used for making molds for prosthetic pieces and props.
How to: Make a Wig
How to make a personal wig for daily use. Theatre and film wigs are made in a slightly different way.
How to: make a wig/How to do a sew-in cap weave(quick weave) on an elf budget
How to: Make a Wing harness
How to: Make an 1860 Swiss waist belt/bodice
Free pattern and instructions from Katherine's Dress Site.
How to: Make an 1860's Ladies Corset
How to: Make an 1870s Ladies Waistcoat Bodice
How to: Make an 18th century Mens Suit
Suit consists of breeches, waistcoat and coat. Free instructions and patterns by L'Age d'Lumieres.
How to: Make an 18th Century Wig from an Affordable "Costume" Wig
How to: Make an Easy, Authentic Eighteenth Century Petticoat
Made to go over pocket hoops. Instructions from Katherine's Dress Site.
How to: Make an Edward Elric Coat
Free pattern!
How to: Make an Elizabethan Bodice Pattern
by Drea Leed
How to: Make an Elven Bow
Make a bow out of craft foam.
How to: Make an over the shoulder Gadget Holster
Great for steampunk or everyday.
How to: Make Armor out of Vinyl and Craft Foam
How to: Make Bloomers
How to: Make Boot Covers
How to: Make Fabric Fairy Wings
How to: Make Fabric Fairy Wings
How to: Make False Teeth / FX teeth
How to: Make Folding Wings
Video tutorial in 7 parts.
How to: Make Gauntlet Gloves
How to: Make Halo Armor from foam
How to: Make Jedi garb
Free patterns and tutorials.
How to: Make Jedi Pants and Belt
How to: Make Latex Leggings
How to: Make Lightweight Wings
Tutorial to make wings out of foam
How to: Make Panniers
Instructions and pattern from L'Age d'Lumieres.
How to: Make puff and slash sleeves
How to: Make Spats
Threadbanger YouTube tutorial.
How to: Make Splatterdashes or Half Gaiters
How to make the pattern and assembly instructions.
How to: Make Steampunk Military Medals
How to: make the Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei
From the Arms, Armor, and Awesome blog.
How to: Make your own Lycra bodysuit
How to: Make your own Sculpting Tools
How to: Mandrel for coiling wire for Chainmaille
How to: Mary of Hapsburg gown
How to: Medieval hoods
How to: Men's Vest
Draft and construct a custom men's leather vest. Good for steampunk.
How to: Metal Texture on Props
Give your plastic or foam props a metal texture finish using paint.
How to: Metal Texture Tutorial
Instructions to get a metal appearance on foam or plastic props
How to: Mold Making
Glove molds and Mother molds
How to: Mystic Lord costume
Horns, armor, silk painting & more
How to: Non stretch Boot Cover tutorial
How to: Off-shoulder blouse
Pattern and instructions; would work for an under-corset blouse for steampunk.
How to: Paint and Embellish your Shoes
Basic instructions with links on how to paint and/or embellish footwear and leather goods.
How to: Paint Leather Shoes
How to: Paint Shoes
There are many ways to do this, here is another one.
How to: Paper Mache Armor tutorial
How to: Patterns for Doublets & Surcoats,
How to: Pepakura Building
Tutorial: Pepakura building for dummies (or noobs)
How to: Poulaines
Easy pointy shoes out of modern leather, which will look accurate at normal distances
How to: Prop-making with Wonderflex
How to: Ratchet and Clank costume
How to: Realistic Werewolf costume
How to: Regency Shoes
Tutorial for altering Butterick 5233 and construction of ladies Regency shoes.
How to: Resize a pattern
How to: Riveted Maille from Scratch
How to: Riveting Basics
How to: Saber Lily Costume
Tutorial on how to make the entire ensemble: dress, sword, and armor.
How to: Samurai Costume
Using Sintra (PVC foam board)
How to: Scale a Pepakura model to fit you properly
How to: Scaly Effect with liquid latex
How to: Scan a scaled pattern from a book and produce a Full Size Pattern.
Quick tutorial will show you how to scan a scaled pattern from a book and produce a full size (scaled up) pattern. Which can then printed off or transferred into Illustrator to trace and build a digital pattern.
How to: Set Grommets
How to: Sew Darts
Sew darts into clothing for a better fit.
How to: Sew Hair Wefts
How to: SFX Headpiece
How to: Sharpie Wig Dying (for synthetic wigs)
Having worked with several methods of dying/coloring a synthetic wig, the Sharpie method is the best in my opinion.
How to: Shoe/Boot covers
How to make boot covers. YouTube video tutorial.
How to: Silicone Gloves on the cheap
YouTube tutorial.
How To: Simple Gambeson Construction
by Nagy Peter
How to: Simple Latex Prosthetic Appliances
Video tutorial.
How to: Simple Steampunk Skirt
Made from a curtain in the tutorial, but you can use any fabric you like.
How to: Simple Victorian/Steampunk overskirt
Can be made from an existing skirt, or from one made for this purpose.
How to: Simple Wig Modifications
Changing a part style, wig hair cutting, cutting bangs, adding wefted highlights. Video tutorials by Doctored Locks.
How to: Single Needle Machine Sewn Wefts
Learn how to create wefts from bulk hair using a standard single needle and your sewing machine.
How to: Sintra prop weapons
YouTube tutorial.
How to: Six Simple Steps to the perfect Turban
Farfesha Belly Dance © 2004
How to: Spartan, Greek or Trojan type Helmet
How to: Steampunk Armor and Leather Crafting
10 part YouTube tutorial.
How to: Steampunk gauges (non working)
How to: Step by Step guide to using Epoxy Resin
How to: Style a Wig into a high ponytail
How to: Styling heat resistant synthetic hair (Shapeshifter)
How to: Tail-coat for women
Free pattern and instructions for making a ladies tailcoat; great for Steampunk!
How to: Take the shine out of too shiny trim
How to: Tea dye natural fabrics
How to: The Gunnister Stockings: Knitting Period Stockings
How To: The Making of Wisby Plate Armor
by Rick Steeves
How to: Tie a Cravat
How to: Tipping Steel Corset Bones
Tutorial for both spiral and flat steel boning. It is always more economical to cut and tip your own corset boning!
How to: Trim Detailing
How to customize your trim (or costume) using stencils and fabric paint.
How to: Turn a $1 squirt gun into a kick butt Raygun
YouTube tutorial for painting a cheap squirt gun to look like a great raygun or steampunk gun.
How to: Turn a shirt into a Shrug
Great for Victorian and Steampunk outfits.
How to: Upsize a pattern
If you want to use a vintage pattern, you'll probably need this technique as it is difficult to find vintage patterns in specific sizes.
How to: Use craft foam to simulate hammered silver jewelry
Video tutorial
How to: Use Fiberglass Resin on a Pepakura pattern
How to: Use Photoshop to design your costumes
How to: Vacuum Forming
How to: Victorian Chemise
Free pattern and instructions.
How to: Water Hardened Leather Armor
by David Friedman
How to: Wear 19th Century Trousers Properly
This one is for the gents. Have you noticed that modern day fad of wearing your trousers too low? Today’s trousers are often worn at the hips, or even lower, which can be quite disturbing! This practice has carried over into the living history world, unfortunately, and you can easily spot reenactors with three of four inches between the trouser waistband and the top of the vest. Or the corpulent reenactor, having put some weight on, with trousers hanging below the belly. Has this ever happened to you? It is relatively easy to avoid this fate, and this article will go into some of the ways to improve the fit of your trousers.
How to: Wig styling for Cosplay
Video tutorial
How to: Wooden Cutting Table
Invaluable to have one of these for costume projects. Much better than laying out and cutting fabric on the floor!
How to: Worbla Armor Tutorial
Want to give Worbla a try? Here is an illustrated tutorial.
How to: Work with unprinted patterns (Antique or Vintage)
How to: Wrap a turban
How to:18th c. big hair from a long synthetic wig
How to:Make Structured Period Hats From Craft Store Goodies
How-to: Cartridge Pleating
From Reconstructing History
Imaginary Styles
How to do hairstyles from a variety of Science Fiction movies including Star Wars, Dune, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings.
Inside out Garments
Looking at illustrations of garments turned inside-out can teach us about garment linings and construction.
Insulation Foam Guide
What you need to know about working with insulation foam. AKA "Pink Foam" although most of what is now available is no longer pink.
Introduction to Garb
Italian Renaissance Gown Construction
Make your Own Hats
Originally published in 1921, now available for free online. Guide with instructions, diagrams and photos.
Make-Up Artist Magazine
Making a Kimono
Making a Renaissance Shirt
(c) 2006 Tammie L. Dupuis
Novice Sewer's Guide
New to sewing? Never used a sewing machine? Here is a good starter guide.
Paper Mache Recipes
5 Paper Mache recipes for various applications.
Paris Fashion Institute
Pattern Kingdom
Ad free Database of all Commercially produced Costume patterns with pictures and descriptions
Pattern Making tips and tricks blog.
Patterns for 16th century
Polystyrene Sword Tutorial
Printable Bias Tape Maker
Make your own bias tape with this tutorial.
Rashid's Persian Patterns
14th century Long Pirihan,
16th century Man's Short Pirihan,Salwar,Caftan
Russian Medieval Costume
Ryerson Polytechnic University
Shoe Painting Tutorial
Sideless Surcoat
Stan Winston School of Character Arts
Online video monster making and special effects training videos by subscription or individual lessons available on DVD. Detailed lessons. Subscriptions available by the month or year for unlimited viewing of all lessons, or for individual lessons. Links provided for purchase of all supplies needed for each lesson.
Studio Creations
Costuming basics, Vacuumforming basics, Build a Vacuumtable, Make a bodycast, make Latex mask. Lots of info here.
Styling a Noctis Cosplay Wig
Styling a Roxas Cosplay wig
Styrene Armor
Sword Making Tutorial
Tutorial in 8 parts. Metal cosplay/theatrical katana sword, but method can be used for other sword shapes.
The Art of Boot and Shoemaking By John Bedford Leno
Free Google books ebook. Reprint of 1865 edition. This useful treatise on boot and shoe making covers all aspects of the industry. Chapters on the history of the craft, anatomy of the foot, measurement, lasts, fittings, materials, cutting out, fitting and closing, leggings and gaiters, mending, furring, bows, rosettes, shoe armour, kit-cutting, knives, machines etc. Profusely illustrated with 106 figures and illustrations in the text.
The Costume Survey
Listing of various institutions offering training and education in the United States in costume and fashion.
The Dress you Wear and How to Make it
Originally published in 1918, this guide covers altering patterns to fit, various types of stitches, equipment needed, seams, buttonholes, smocking, eyelets and cutting.
The Jewelers Guide to Basic Wire Wrapping
The Sewing Academy
Support to those engaged in Living History for the 1840 to 1965 era, including: patterns, dressmakers guide that teaches historic clothing construction, forum, and workshops.
The Survey of Costume Design and Technology Programs
Listing of various schools and programs for the aspiring costume designer.
Tips from the Jewelers Bench
Tunic construction worksheet
Viking Tunic Construction
Virtual Costumer
Online costuming magazine of the Silicon Web Costumers' Guild. VC brings you articles about costuming, the costumers who design them, and costume related places and events. It features content from Silicon Web members and outside experts, who regularly share their knowledge through articles, books, panels, conventions, classes, and workshops.

In addition to features articles, VC offers reviews, event reports, how-tos, tips and tricks, photo spreads, virtual panels, retrospectives on notable costumers, short subjects, upcoming events, riffs on costuming, and many more.
Great resource!
Adding extensions to a wig.
What The Craft
Misc tutorials for modding t-shirts.
Wonderflex Tutorial
Working with Paperclay
Working with Sintra
Working with Styrofoam
Your Wardrobe Unlock'd
Subscription based site with in-depth articles, research and costume making instruction. There are some free articles available on drafting patterns, making a petticoat, making a bustle, and drafting a corset to name a few.

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