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  Costuming Sources :: Arms and Armor
A2 Armory
Weapons and Armor
Age of Chivalry
Medieval and Renaissance arms, armor, and clothing
Albion Armorers
Reenactor Rapier fencing blades
American Fencers Supply Co.
Angel Sword
Arador Armour Library
Armor pictures,techniques, tutorials, and forums.
Armor Venue
Replica armor. Medieval, Roman, Greek, Samurai. Leather, Chainmail, Plate. Fantasy, Fencing, and Historic swords and weapons. Replica and LARP shields.
Arms & Archery
suppliers to the film and television industry. As well as manufacturing to order, they hold large stocks of medieval armour, weaponry, chainmail, banners and tents.
Arms and Armor
Reproduction weapons and Armor
Arms of Valor
Bladed weaponry dating from the Ancient Celts to the Civil War. Swords, armour, axes, shields, Katanas.
Art of Chainmail
Chainmail jewelry, books, tutorials, instructions, patterns.
Aurora History Boutique
These folks have just about anything you'd want in historic reproduction arms and armor. Page upon page of goodies. Swords, guns, armor, statues, jewelry. From ancient Egyptian, all the way up to WWII. Enjoy!
Battle Ready
They specialize in the design and creation of bespoke leather armor and accessories.
All of their pieces are hand crafted in the UK from high quality materials.
Black Hydra Armouries
Specializes in Japanese Armor, reproduction and SCA legal
Brian Brown Armoury
Custom armour of leather and steel based off your personal preferences. Pewter cast buttons and buckles.
Brothersmith Swords
Replica guns, swords, shields and armor
By the Sword
Swords, Armor, LARP gear, Medieval and Renaissance clothing. Reliable vendor, per personal experience.
Chainmail & More
Chainmaille Fashions
Beautiful stuff. Available in stainless steel, gold or antimony plated. Also chainmaille supplies for the do-it-yourselfer. Highly Recommended. Best there is for chainmaille as far as I'm concerned. All the pieces I own are from Lord Randolph at Chainmaille Fashions.
Armor, loose rings, sheets of rings in Aluminum,brass,copper, galvanized or stainless steel,bronze, Zinc Plates,Sterling Silver, Gold and Gold filled.
Christian Fletcher-Medival Armour
Custom and original Swords and Scabbards
Cosmic Workshop
Leather Armour, Pauldrons, Gorgets, Vambraces, Greaves, Tassets, Body Armour and Accessories!
LARP, Re-Enactment, Steampunk, Museums, Film and Theatre catered for.
Family run workshop based in the UK.
Costume Armour & CristoVac
Greco-Roman, Gothic, Elizabethan and Fantasy theatrical armour made with vacuum-formed Kydex.
Dark Victory Armory
Lightweight, low maintenance, high performance armor.
Darksword Armory
All their swords are hand forged, combat ready and properly tempered to a Rockwell of 53, and can either be ordered blunt, for stage and reenactment combat , or Sharpened for cutting purposes.
Darkwood Armory
Designs and makes custom weaponry and accessories for the Historical and Classical periods of fencing, spanning the 15th through the 19th centuries.
Derbyshire Arms
Makers and suppliers of historic weaponry using traditional methods and woods wherever it is possible to do so. Their speciality lies in making handmade custom built muskets and pistols.
UK based.
Eeldrytch Armouree
Renaissance related leather products
UK based producer of latex weapons, leather armour and other props.
Emporium Custom Leathers
Englyshe Plate Armourie
Medieval armour reproduced in the English, Italian and German styles. UK based.
Excalibur Brothers
Fantasy, historic reproduction and movie sword replicas.
Extremely Sharp
Edged weaponry. Historic, fantasy and movie replicas
Heavenly Swords
Fantasy Swords and Anime Swords, Movie Swords, Daggers, Samurai Swords, knives and martial arts equipment, ninja weapons, collectible swords, military knives, Medieval Swords and Axes, Throwing Knives and Stars, fantasy and more.
Historic Enterprises
Arms, Armor, clothing, woodware.
Ice Falcon Armory
Chainmaile and Plate mail. Many items in stock, others custom made.
Illusion Armoring
Very reasonable prices. By the piece, or entire suits. Historically accurate.
Imperial Weapons
Medieval swords, weapons and katana swords
Karl of Germany
Museum Quality Parade Armor. Etched,Embossed, Gilt, Enameled, silver or gold leaf with 15th-17th century art or custom designs of your choice.
Kirby D. Wise Legendary Swords
Hand forged swords and daggers to order.
Swords and scabbards. Movie reproductions, historic European and Asian reproductions, rapiers, practice swords, fantasy swords, decorator historic firearms, spears & spearheads, Japanese arrowheads, repro knives & daggers, repro helmets & armor, maces, axes, staves, and canes.
Knights Edge
Replica weapons and armor. Medieval Home Decor, Books and Jewelry
Kris Cutlery
Japanese, Chinese, and Historic swords and weapons
Lazy Dragon
Pocketknives to Broadswords
Licata Custom Knives & Guitars
Daggers, swords, maces, axes, and guitars. All original designs.
Lundegaard Armoury
Not just weapons, but also unique buttons, badges and pins all forged in-house.
Malachi's Mail
hand-woven chainmail costumes, jewelry, belts, accessories
Medieval Fight Club
Archery, Weapons, Sword, Armor, Costume, and accessories. Custom armor available.
Medieval Shoppe
Reproduction medieval to WWII swords, and weapons, but also sells medieval and Renaissance clothing, leather and functional steel armour and LARP (Live Action Role Playing) gear. Free Delivery for Australia, New Zealand & Japan. Ships virtually worldwide.
Medieval Weapons and Armor
Suits, Chain Mail, breastplates, helmets, gauntlets. Medieval swords, rapiers, Samurai swords, Civil War swords
Meier Steel
Custom pattern-welded and clad steel swords and knives.
New World Arbalest
Medieval & Renaissance Crossbows.
Norton Armouries
Manufactures LRP armour in hybrid polyurethane. UK site.
Omega Artworks
Custom made, one-of-a-kind swords, knives, daggers, and athames.
Paul Binns Swords
Hand forged swords and weaponry in the UK. Combat swords for reenactors. Pattern welding available. Beautiful work.
Ravenswood Leather
Armor, jerkins,baldrics, helmets
Functional swords that look like the originals, feel like the originals, flex and balance like the originals, and finally, can actually cut like the originals
Remvorgs Dwarven Smithy
Daggers, swords, rapiers
Renegade Effects Group
Armour workshop dealing with historic weapons and armour, and also makes modern and sci-fi armor and weapons as well as wardrobe and props.
Replica Dungeon
Swords, Medieval armor, weapons and movie prop replicas.
Historical armor, footwwear, dress accessories, belt buckles and tips, aiglettes, books and medieval martial arts. Also carries medieval pavilions.
Runefire Forge
Bracers and armbands.
Salamander Armoury
Hand forged swords and knives. Pattern-Welded and laminated steel blades. Also does custom work.
Saxon Violence
UK based historically inspired LARP weaponry.
Seven Stars Trading
Providing practitioners of
Chinese Swordsmanship with the best products available
Skian Mhor
Long established professional supplier of Live Role Play weapons and equipment in Europe.
Manufacturer of foam and latex weapons. Also crafts period clothing, pottery or character gear for LARP.
Starfire Swords
Makers of reproduction medieval, renaissance, and other period and fantasy weapons
Swords, daggers, knives, armor, and weapons. LARP and foam weapons, Medieval and Renaissance costume accessories, Chains of office, Force FX lightsabers, Game of Thrones replica swords.
Swords Direct
Swords, daggers, medieval weapons, armor, movie replicas, and replica firearms.
Tattershall Arms
Specializes in 16th Century firearms and tack
Thak Blacksmith
Hand forged custom ironwork.
Training in Blacksmithing, Medieval Armouring, Blade smithing and Metal Sculpture. Also teaches a variety of classes.
The Schmitthenner Armory
Leather and Steel armor
The Sword and the Stone
Custom arms,armor and props. Did work for Pirates of the Carribean 2, Blade Trinity, and the Legend of Zorro.
Toledo Swords
Swords and Armor made in Spain. Everyone has heard of Toledo Swords; get them here. Historical replicas, axes, spears, maces, ceremonial swords, Japanese swords, frogs, shields, suits of armor, practice swords, Knights Templar accessories.
United Cutlery
Movie replica blades, knives and swords
Valentine Armoury
Hand crafting historically accurate, replica armours from ancient world to medieval for over 28 years.
Windrose Armoury
Armor, helms, & shields for SCA combat. Also belts, findings, cast brass chain, do it yourself brig gorget kit. Custom work available.

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