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  Costuming Sources :: Miscellany
Milieux T-Shirt & Goodie Shoppe
Help support this website by purchasing a groovy new t-shirt. Lots of styles and colors. More designs and accessories coming soon.
Oriental Decor
90 different parasols/umbrellas: Some of these would be stunning with a Steampunk ensemble. Buy one, get 2nd one 50% off.

35 different hand fans starting at only $1.95. Lovely Asian dresses and blouses. Kung Fu shoes (which are great in a pinch with Renaissance and Medieval costumes)
Superhero Stuff
Super Hero, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and Game theme tees, hoodies, swimsuits, jewelry (including body jewelry), boots, bags, pajamas, socks, hats, belts, home & office goodies, figurines and so much more. Big Bang Theory goodies too. The caped costume shirts are awesome. Ladies cut tees/undies/jammies available too. So many fun items. Love the Batman sleep tank with cape; just the thing for your next convention.
Mean and Green
British army surplus and military fashion from around the world. Great for Steampunk. Medals, Rank insignia, patches, military caps, uniforms, ammo pouches and bags.
Things from Another World
Science Fiction & Comic collectibles. A lot of great licensed tshirts, patches, costumes and costume accessories and pins. Featuring Green Lantern, Big Bang Theory (Soft Kitty Hoodie, plus many shirts you've seen Sheldon wear on the show), Game of Thrones, Avengers, Blackest Night, Doctor Who, Inspector Spacetime, Outer Limits, X-Men, Dr. Horrible, Hunger Games, Firefly, Godzilla, Steampunk, Bettie Page, Star Trek, Aliens, Time Burton artwork tees. Also books, comics, graphic novels, toys, games and models. Much geek goodness here.
All sorts of canes. Victorian and steampunk styles.
A Cool Breeze
Hand fans in many styles. Very expensive.
Ritual Wands and Staffs
Air Diggers
WW2 British and Commonwealth Militaria. Nice for steampunk
All Sarongs
Sarongs galore
Historical patterns, corset, hoop making and millinery supplies, hook & eye tape, lacing, grommets.
American Plume
Loose feathers, headdresses, masks & wings
Ancient Circles
Cloaks and capes, ceremonial costume.
Antique Dress
Original antique and vintage clothing for sale from the 1800's thru today. Also has screen worn reproductions.
Aradani Studios
Elf ears, Furry ears, horns, fangs, props, prosthetic pieces, leather pieces, jewelry, . Some costume pieces and Steampunk accessories.
Baird Co.
Police badges and patches
Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica merchandise, costumes, props. (orig.series)
BorÈm Studio
Specializing in foam rubber, vacuum form plastics, cast resin
Bugei Trading Company
All things Samurai
Dancewear, tights, leotards.
Celtic Jackalope
Scottish clan, Celtic Gods and Goddesses, Norse and Pagan tshirts, jewelry, and statuary
Center Stage Plastics
Plastic reproductions of armor & architectural components
Collect Russia
Medals, Militaria, antiques from Soviet Russia, Imperial Russia
Compleat Sculptor, Inc.
Sculpting supplies. Helpful for SFX
Corpses For Sale
Halloween and horror props
UK cosplay supplies. They carry Worbla, a thermoplastic that's ultra cosplayer-friendly. It cuts easily with a knife or a pair of scissors. Perfect for armour, weapons, masks, jewelry and more. Also wigs, plastics and foam.
Cosplay Station
Selection of cosplay products with over 500 different characters including Naruto , Bleach,Final Fantasy,.Hack,Kingdom Hearts,Tales of the Abyss and many more
Costumes, accessories,corset busks & bones,foam latex prostheics, supplies, craft supplies, Wonderflex, Fosshape, Friendly Plastic, craft foam, beads, wigs, footwear, makeup, a little bit of everything
Costume Inventory
Database software to inventory costume collections, custom tags (for inventory with numbers, logo, barcodes or costumer information with washing instructions, sizing, etc)and custom garment bags.
Creedation Wear
Custom made spandex garments for dancers and skaters
Creeped Out
Accessories, Contact Lenses, Candles, Blood,claws &fangs, Decorations, jewelry, makeup, masks, props, party supplies, costume accessories
Dance Express
Dance shoes
Dancing Wings
Wings for dance and self expression in Organza, Taffeta, and Silk. These aren't feather wings, but rather flowing, wing-like fabric wings that stretch from the arms to the floor when opened with lucite wands that you hold to extend the wings
Dapper Cadaver
Specialty store for the finest death related props, Halloween props, haunted house decor, and oddities.
Douglas and Sturgess
Supplies for molding, adhesives, airbrushing, clays, epoxy resins, metalflake and surface effects, plasters, pigments and dyes, polyurethane foams and resins, thermoplastics and moldable sheet materials and tools
Dragon and Unicorn
Leather drinking mugs
Dragon Wings
Handmade fairytale dolls and marionettes. Also feather hats, masks, wings, feather fans, belts and bustiers.
Period tents and pavilions
Earth Guild
Tools and supplies for dying,knitting,crochet,leatherwork and beading. Also carries Folkwear patterns.
Earthues Natural Dyes
Natural dyes that can be used for textiles, paper, buttons, and other natural fibers and to make natural inks and paints for textile printing.
Make your costumes with a whole new glow. Selling EL Wire direct to the public, perfect for Halloween, Burning Man, and more
Emco Industrial Plastics
Custom plastics fabrication and cutting services. Does single prototype or high volume production runs.
English Habit
Equestrian apparel. Many items suitable for Victorian, Edwardian, and Steampunk fashions.
FabricLink's Halloween Co
Fabulous Fit Dress Forms
Many shapes possible with one dress form.
Factory Entertainment
Princess Bride sword, Ring of Dracula and other replicas available. UK site.
Faire Pair Tights and Such
4 different fabrics and a variety of colors. Tights available in solid and parti-colored.
Fairy Wings, wands and tutus
Fashionable Canes
Walking Canes and Walking Sticks in a variety of styles and designs.
Fellowship Foundry
Pewter goblets, stemware, mugs, jewelry
Fifties Frames
Vintage and retro reproduction eyeglasses frames
Fin Fun
Swimable mermaid tails for kids and adults.
Finale Gloves
Gloves! Beaded, cotton, dye-able, fingerless, lace, spandex, satin, silk, velvet gloves! Pricing very reasonable.
I'm an experienced seamstress and I've made gloves. Believe me, its worth the price to buy them instead. Glove-making is my least favorite activity.
Foam board, Sintra PVC board, pressure sensitive and self adhesive foam board.
Global Effects
Manufactures, sells and rents all types of props, costumes, armor, miniatures, sets, creatures and makeup effects for TV, movies and museums.
Specializing in Space suits, SF & Fantasy armor
Great Looks
Parasols and fans
Grex Airbrush
Professional Airbrushing products
Haus of Bavaria
Lederhosen, Dirndls and old world fashion from Germany
Heart of the Highlands
Highland and Irish dance shoes. Highland outfits.
History in the Making
Reproduction clothing for use in living history sites, museums, re-enactments, film and special events. All of our period clothing and accessories are researched to ensure historical accuracy in style, fabrics and construction. We offer men's civilian and military costume, hats and accessories from the 1700's to the early 20th century. We also offer women's dresses, tailored suits, hats and bonnets. Custom orders are welcome for both military and civilian costume.
Hooved Shoes
Contact this Etsy seller for custom made Hooved Shoes.
Hula Source
Grass Skirts & Coconut Bras
International Military Sales Plus
International military surplus
J.R. Burrows & Company
A specialist decorative furnishings supplier in the English tradition, featuring Arts & Crafts Movement wallpaper, furnishing fabric and William Morris carpet marketed as the Burrows Studio Collection, Scottish lace curtains, and the Stourvale Mill Collection of Wilton and Brussels reproduction historic carpet from the Federal, Neo-Classical and Victorian periods
Kathy Pillsbury Costume Ebay Auctions
All sorts of accessories, patches, trims etc. Specializing in sci-fi, Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, V, Ghostbusters, Logans Run, Farscape, Starship Troopers, Space Above & Beyond, Space 1999, Outland, Buck Rogers, GI Joe, Superman, patterns and more!
Knife-Making Supplies
La Fondazione S.A.S.
Venetian masks, jewelry, period costume
Lady Dianottos
Fans, Celtic Stencils, Italian Silk Floss, Venice Carnival Masks.
Lamplight Feather
Peacock, ostrich, coque, pheasant, goose, duck, turkey, and parrot feathers.
Las Vegas Mannequins
Inventory of used and new mannequins, cool stuff for museums or Halloween props
MacFie's Wizard Shop
Handmade wooden wands and all things Wizard. Offering a wide range of potions, apothecary ingredients, runes, wand accessories, zodiac scrolls, knits, candles & incense, Vampire Hunting Kits and more.
Manufactures maille products – serving industry and individuals alike. Theatrical and protective clothing. Custom work.
Mannequin Madness
Vendor of used mannequins for sale or rent.
Mannequins for Sale
Full and partial body mannequins and dress forms. If you do a lot of costuming or custom clothing creation or sales, you'll need at least one of these. Milieux users can use coupon 10OFF for 10% off their order.
Mardi Gras Costumes
Costumes, accessories, masks, beads, coins, boas, decorations and party supplies
Snaps, buckles, adhesives, tubing and fastening. Bits for fastening cosplay armor. Super fast shipping.
Medieval Pavilion Resources
Meg Andrews
Antique costumes and Textiles. Some of the items date back to the 1700's. Great site for research as well.
Metro Custom Dyeing
Custom dyeing, can dye fabric or individual garments
Military Heritage
Reproduction Heritage and Military Uniforms 1793-1856, Buttons, Uniform Braid, Lace, Cord, and Other Regalia Trimmings, Officer's Belt, Pouches and Slings, Napoleonic Cavalry Helmets and Armour, Bicorns and Chapeau Bras, Epaulets, Headdress Trimmings, Military and Historical Swords, and Custom Die Stamping and Plating Service.
Military Supply House
Military surplus, uniforms, insigna. Some items suitable for steampunk
Dance apparel. Dance unitards/bodysuits/catsuits, including full body, long sleeve versions in both cotton and "silkskyn". Great starter piece for superhero style costumes when you don't want lycra.
Costume, makeup, drapery, lighting, scene, sound, special effects
Nautical antiques, aeronautical and aviation collectables, naval and aviation memorabilia, maritime antiques and items of militaria from World War II and before
On Gossamer Wings
Fairy wings
Parks Sabers
Nice selection of handmande light sabers.
Performing Arts Online
Links to various performing arts
Plastic Lamellar
Plastic lamellar for making scale mail armor.
Liquid mold rubbers and casting plastics
Victorian/Steampunk clothing shopping resource
Popular Patch
Military patches and replicas of all sorts for military uniforms and costumes.
Premiere Props
Authentic and certified screen used movie props and costumes
Pro Chemical & Dye
Professional Costumer
Elvis costumes and accessories
Movie props and costumes. Some replicas.
Pumpers Dancewear
Dance costumes and dresses, lycra and spandex, custom dance costumes
Quaker City Plating
Metal plating in small or large quantities, many finishes.
Raber Glove Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Rainbow Feather Company
Dyed feathers, custom colors available
Rampant Lion Designs
Hand painted shields
Traditional Thai costume
Red Roo Art
Ruth Thompson fantasy artwork. I am including this on The Costume Site because I love her artwork and own many pieces. Check out her work, you won't be disappointed.
Reel Art
Movie Real Props and Replicas
Reel Clothes & Props
Sells used Film/Stage clothing
Renaissance Dancewear
Period Hose to your specifications
Replica Props
Small, exquisitely crafted replicas from movies and television. Of special interest: a sound board for props and costumes starting at $49.95; you can email your sound files to him, or include some of the ones he has available.
Get all your Elvis costume needs here. Professional show quality Elvis wear for Impersonators and Illusionists
Rosco Laboratories Inc
Theatrical supplies, equipment, software
Russian Army Surplus
Caps, helmets, watches, clothing, insignia, flags and books
Rye and Ginger Kits
Corset kits. Each kit includes all the materials you need to make your light wear corset (except thread and grommets). And, all your pieces are already cut out for you so it’s ready to sew, no struggling with pattern tissue or having to figure out what you need. Just determine your size, pick your kit and when it arrives – Start to Sew!
African & Asian influenced corsets, Steampunk, Anime, Renaissance, Pirate, Gypsy, Burlesque, Pin-up, Classic, Edwardian, Victorian, Silk, Skull, Suede, Satin, Leather, and Lingerie Corset kits are available.
Sara's Parasols
Create own special parasol
Saratoga Trunk UK
Long established vintage clothing shop, selling and hiring vintage and historical clothing to the public,and theatre, film and television costume designers
Sassy Feet
Supplies and instructions for modifying, painting and embellishing footwear, handbags, and other leather/vinyl goods.
SCA and Related WWW Sites
Scollon Mascot Productions
Custom mascot costumes
Sculptural Arts
Saturated paints and specialty coatings and foam for scenery, costumes, props.
Sense & Sensibility Regency Costume
Regency and romantic era gowns
Themoplastic supplier.
Carries the Air Pen® a handheld, air-powered tool for drawing, Fiber Etch® a liquid gel used for "burnout" processes on fabric.
Sock Dreams
Of special interest for reenactors: O Chevrons, O Basics,& Military Bootsocks. Plenty of other kinds of socks, garter belts, petticoats, gloves, leggings, a tie on satin striped bustle for $29, laces, and suspenders.
Soviet Power
Soviet and Russian military uniforms, hats, camo suits, badges, medals and other items
Custom spandex bodysuits, catsuits, and leotards for when it has to fit like a glove. Neoprene and Spandex by the yard. Also hoods, gloves, boots and other spandex items.
Spats, pocket squares, neckies and bow ties. Custom work available. Great for steampunk.
Special Effect Supply
Sportsmans Guide
Military surplus items, lots of european surplus. Leather and canvas straps, ammo bags and pouches, slings, belts, goggles, caps, hats, pants, shirts etc.. great source for your Steampunk wardrobe.
Also great for buying in bulk for those who like to craft and sell their own steampunk related garb. For instance, 30 Czech Military Caps for only $20 (as of 9/1/11).
Check back often as stock frequently changes.
Standard Dyes
Dyes for all natural and synthetic fibers and a wide variety of specialty applications such as dyes for automotive, coatings and leather.
Star Wars Replica Props
Studio Creations
Costuming basics, Vacuumforming basics, Build a Vacuumtable, Make a bodycast, make Latex mask. Lots of info here.
Equestrian patterns
Table Rock Llamas Fiber Arts
Yarns, hand dyed yarns, books, patterns, looms, dye extracts
Tail Man Mermaids
Need a mermaid tail?
The Feather Place
Feathers, boas, wings, mask forms, instruction books, headdresses
The Historic Flying Clothing Company
Flying clothing and equipment from WWI to the present day. Specializing in WW2 RAF, USAF, Royal Flying Corps, Luftwaffe and other nationalities. Nice inspiration for airship steampunk pilots
The Magic Wand Shop
UK based Hand-crafted wooden Wizard wands.
The Mariachi Connection
Folkloric dresses, mariachi trajes, charro suit, Mexican clothing, dance shoes, sombreros, hats, accessories and instruments.
The Midsummer Knight's Dream
Fine Art Fantasy Puppets. Custom made Dragons, Unicorns, Fairies. I have one of their shoulder dragon puppets-makes a great accessory for a fantasy costume.
The Pillaged Village
Costume jewelry, pouches, belts, scarves, patterns, feastgear, trims, books
The Walking Cane Store
Canes and lots of them. If you need one or just want one for a costume accessory, you'll find a lot to choose from.
Tri Dee
Source for Sintra, may be stapled, cut, painted, nailed, riveted, glued, and thermoformed to make a variety of costume and prop items
Tutu Etoile
Ballet Tutu's
U.S. Plastic Corp
Plastic bins, labware, pipe, bottles, sheet, tubing
All sorts of Victorian/Steampunk-able items here for cheap! Bowlers and top hats. Ascots/carvats, suspenders, spats, wing tip shirts, gloves and tuxedo canes. Nice selection of vests for men and women for only $19.95. Military style jackets too.
Utrecht Art Supply
Plaster casting and mold making supplies, fabric markers, Sharpies in multiple colors (great for coloring/dyeing synthetic wigs), Drafting supplies for making/altering your own patterns.
Victoriana Directory
Viking Crafts
Replicas "in the style of", as well as copies of historical artefacts and games from the Dark Age and Viking Age. Jewelry, belts, belt fittings, helmets, shields, footwear, pouches, arm guards,
Vintage Pattern Lending Library
Vintage Wedding
Selection of vintage wedding gowns, Victorian wedding gowns,
Victorian white lawn gowns, antique bridal gowns and vintage formal wear.
Wandering Bull
Native American crafts.
Waterlily Works
Steampunk/Victorian bustle skirts and shrugs.
We Love Colors
Colored tights, fishnets, leggings and other hosiery items
What Price Glory
British, American and German uniforms & militaria of WWII
Whirlwood Magic Wands
Hand-made wooden wands made from a variety of hardwoods, some made with hidden chambers and stone handles. Beautiful workmanship. Leather wand scabbards, walking stick,
Wyedean Weaving
Manufacturers of ceremonial accoutrement, braids and laces for uniforms. Also does uniform design and manufacture. Aiguilettes and shoulder loops, Armbands, armlets and brassards, embroidered badges, belts including sword belts and slings, chevrons, covered toggles and buttons, epaulettes, Uniform braiding and frogging, metal insignia and more. Bespoke service available. UK based.
Film Props, repllicas. Star Wars, Star Trek, also custom props
Great source for eyeglasses. Prescription glasses starting at only $7. I purchased a pair of prescription tortiseshell glasses for a 10th Doctor cosplay, and am delighted with the quality and with how fast I received them. Plus they only cost me back $12.95!

If you need glasses for cosplay, or just because you want a new pair, get them here. Please purchase via this affiliate link to help support this website and keep Milieux online!

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