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  Costuming Sources :: Footwear & Leather
Amazon Drygoods
Historic footwear and hats.
Anello & Davide
Specializes in creating made-to-measure shoes and do not sell standard sizes from stock. Extensive theatrical/historical line of shoes and boots. Located in London, UK.
Wonderfully affordable custom sized medieval/renaissance footwear. You can get a pair of short boots for $32!
Medieval and renaissance shoes and pattens
Bannsshe Designs
Bespoke handmade wedding & historical shoes & boots. Edwardian, Victorian, Rococo. Can specify heel style and fabrics as well as have them cover the shoes/boots in your own fabric. They can also design and construct footwear to your specifications.
Bohemond Bootmaker
Custom SCA boots & shoes for all periods. Cavalier, persian and period style boots, purses, scabbards, armor, helms.
Brettuns Village Leather
Leather for costume and accessories. Also carries leather working tools and hardware
Buckskin Fur and Leather Co.
Raw leather materials
Custom cowboy boots, shoes, period reproductions, belts and accessories
Catskill Mountain Moccasins
Recommended by several Costume Site users
Celebs Wear
Leather movie jackets. Matrix, Avengers, Blade, Iron Man, Life on Mars, etc. If you loved a leather jacket you saw in a movie, find it here.
Civil War Shoes
Crimson Chain
Leather masks, bags, goggles, books and accessories
Cuir F.L.
Handmade, made to measure shoes, armors, costumes and accessories of leather for different time periods.
Custom Made Boots
Custom made boots, Superhero boots!
Dark Archer Leatherwork
When you need leather worker for Steampunk, Renaissance Faire, Convention Cosplay, LARP War, Photography, Fashion, or just because you like how it looks on you. Custom made pieces every time. Leather armor pieces, bracers, baldrics, belts, steampunk vests & jackets, pouches, goggles, etc. If you need custom Steampunk leather, this is the guy.
Digitoe Computerized Footwear
Custom made shoes
Dru Shoemaker
Handmade medieval footwear.
Eeldrytch Armouree
Renaissance leather fashion. Armor, jerkins, cinchers, pouches and other goodies
Electrique Boutique
Mainstream shoe site, but has some cool steampunk styles and other footwear.
Excalibur Leather
Tabards, Hats, Gloves and accessories
Fairy Steps
Handmade leather shoes & boots and accessories. Fairy shoes and custom work.
Carefully researched shoes and boots from French and Indian War to Civil War. Shoe buckles, stockings and buttons.
Glacier Wear
Fur pelts and leather; for when you absolutely must have the real deal. Mink, otter, beaver, fox, ermine, sable, rabbit, wolf, lynx, even bear and skunk.
Griffin Works
Handcrafted leathergoods of ages past. Also some Steampunk items.
Harr Shoes
Historical reproduction shoes from ancient Egyptian through the 20th century. 18th century court shoes in choice of heel height & shape, toe shape, leather, suede or fabric covered, etc. Some standard sizes available. Standard size white satin Victorian boots suitable for dyeing are only EUR 67. Gaiters also available. Germany based.
Hello Cosplay
Nice selection of cosplay shoes and boots.
House of Andar
Handmade leather Renaissance boots.
Isil Workshop
Leather bags, steampunk goggles, chokers, cuffs, corset, watches, armor and masks. Etsy shop.
James Taylor and Son
Bespoke shoemaker. UK based.
Just in Tyme Boots
Boots for Medieval and Renaissance Faires, Re-enactment groups,Steampunk, Goth/Fetish parties, Cosplay, Pirates. Also carries a selection of armor pieces.
K.M. Garlick Shoemaker
Reproduction period shoes from Medieval times to WWII. UK based.
Karl Robinson Leather Worker
Specializes in making historically accurate Medieval, Tudor and Stuart leatherwork for re-enactment, museums, theatre and the heritage industry.
All my work is made by hand using only the materials and techniques available to the craftsmen of the time.He only uses leathers that were commonly available and dye and dress them using period recipes. Everything is hand sewn and all the designs are taken from surviving examples or from paintings and prints.
KnightsCross Leatherworks
Leather products for Renaissance, Medieval, Fantasy, LARP, SCA, and LOTR environments. Does custom work as well. All work guaranteed. Bracers, Gauntlets, Belts, Armor, Scabbards, etc.
Leather Unlimited
Leather and leatherworking supplies
Ledercraft Studios
UK based workshop that manufactures various leather products suitable for Film, Theater, Reenactment and LARP. They create an in house range of armour and props available on the website but also take bespoke commissions.
Lusty Leather
Cinchers, bracers, corsets, bodices, baldrics and quivers
Medieval Moccasins
Miles Tonne
Suede and Leather clothing
Motor Cowboy
Prop replica and custom boots made to your measurements. Superhero boots, movie, re-enactment and stage
Nativearth Custom Footwear
Custom Leather Sandals, Boots & Moccasins, bags and belts
NP Historical Shoes
Authentic, hand – made footwear and accessories in the way of our ancestors from natural leather. Ancient through 18th century. Also specialty shoes and pattens
Peter Fox Shoes
Ladies shoes. Styles from the 18th-20th centuries. Expensive.
Plantagenet Shoes
Historical footwear. Commissions available.
Ravenswood Leather
Leather Bodices, dresses, coats, jerkins, pants and skirts.
Robert Land Historic Shoes
1800's through WWII reproduction shoes and boots.
S.B. Juniper
Handmade shoes and boots. Roman thru 19th century. UK site.
Shoot and Scapa
Manufacturer of historical footwear, bags, archery equipment and other accessories.
Smiling Fox Forge
18th century shoes
Custom Medieval footwear
Son of Sandlar
Handcrafted leather footwear. I have 2 pairs of their boots, one pair 20 yrs old and still in great shape. Recommended vendor.
Spear's Specialty Shoes
Clown Shoes
Spotted Pony Traders
Leather and leatherworking products, including cow, deer, and elkhide for shoe and hat making
Steampunk Leather
Steampunk leather goods. Goggles, masks, jackets, eye patches, journals, belts, suspenders/braces etc.
Steampunk footwear by Metropolis Hades. Also a few steampunk clothing and jewelry items.
The Inner Bailey
Fine leathers for Renaissance Costume and Medieval Reenactment.
Theatrical Shoemakers
Old world, Greco Roman, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, 17th-20th century, Middle and Far East footwear. Photo gallery of past clients projects.
Time Warrior
Historic leather shoes, belts, baldrics, quivers, gauntlets. Also accessories, helmets, swords, armor. UK based.
Turnshoes Historic Shoes
Moccasins and Buckskins

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