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  Costuming Sources :: Prosthetics, Masks & FX
3D & theatrical makeup, props and prop making supplies, foams, alginates, paints
Aloha Contacts
Colored and specialty contact lenses
3D Makeup FX
Theatrical makeup, prosthetic, and FX supplies from Naimie's, Burman, and Stan Winston.
9mm SFX
Theatrical contact lenses.
Special FX, prosthetics, metalwork, custom mold work, makeup, vacuum forming.
Professional and Theatrical makeup. Prosthetic, character, & gore makeup supplies. Wigs and wig making supplies. Nice variety of appliance and wig adhesives. Technique books and videos.
Halloween, mardi gras, feather, leather, venetian masks.
Arjan's Showbiz Centre
Theatrical makeup
Arty Fakes
Custom Foam and Latex Weaponry, For LARP Theater Film TV Cosplay and Gaming. UK based.
ATD Creations
Special Effects Make-up and Vacuum Degassing Equipment. UK Based.
Babylon 5 Masks
Bad Planet's Halloween Masks and Props Site
Custom, commissioned props, armor and weapons.
Blue Moon Mask
Carnival masks
Bone Yard Effects
Face prosthetics, silicone masks, makeup, fangs and teeth.
Burman Industries, Inc.
Alginate, blood, bones, clays, casting materials, foam latex and prosthetics, hair and wig supplies, plastics, resins. Lots of good stuff here.
CFX Composite Effects
High quality silicone masks
Cinema Secrets
Professional makeup including FX makeup.
Color My Eyes
Colored and FX contact lenses.
No prescription theatrical/halloween contacts.
Electroluminescent Wire. You can do some cool stuff with this.
Electroluminescent wire
Creative Effects
Special effects supplies and equipment.
Custom Fangs
Custom made fangs; they send you a casting kit with your order to take a mold which you send back for them to make your teeth. Also does custom foam or gelatin prosthetic appliances, claws, and hooved shoes and boots coming soon.
Theatrical contacts,makeup, lifecasting supplies,books and prosthetics.
Dark Side Masks
Latex rubber masks that blend with the face rather than cover it up. The eyes and mouth of the wearer are left free for talking, eating, drinking, expression and vision.
Dear Bloody Mary
Professional Halloween & costume FX Makeup
Death Studios
Masks and prosthetics.
Derivan body paints.
Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Engineer Guy
Mold Making, Casting ans Special FX materials
Environ Molds
Life casting and mold making materials, supplies, books, and resources.
Exotic Lenses
FDA Approved theatrical contact lenses.
Extreme Sfx
FX contact lenses, fangs, makeup.
Eye Ink FX
Hand painted theatrical contact lenses. FDA Approved.
Factor II Inc.
Silicones and prosthetics fx supplies
Fantasy Guilde
Leather Masks.
Fantasy Liquid Latex
Fiberglass Blades
Cosplay and collector props. Fiberglass info and tutorial.
Foam Mart
Foam for props or costume. Specialty fabrics, faux fur, foam cutters, grommets, snaps, velcro, webbing, foam paint and coatings, adhesives and cleaners.
3D modeling materials. Europe.
Friends Beauty Supply
Professional makeup, sculpting tools, foam latex kits, bald caps, clay, casting materials, stage blood, foam, gelatin, latex, plaster, silicone, dental and other FX supplies.
Frightful Acts
Silicone masks, but also does made to order costumes and props
Paints for silicone
FX Faces
Hollywood quality makeup products
FX Warehouse
Makeup,Sculpting & mold making supplies,Instructional videos, prosthetics and supplies.
GM Foam Inc.
Foam Latex hot process.
Theatrical makeup and liquid latex.
Hamilton Eye Warehouse
If you ever need prosthetic eyeballs, you'll find them here. They also care a range of doll eyes
Image Creators Inc.
Immortal Masks
Film quality Silicone Masks
International Fun Shop
Ben Nye and Mehron makeup, adhesives, latex, kits, tools and special effects
La Mano
Italian masks, venetian-style
La Venexiana
Venetian masks for carnival, epoch costumes, puppets.
Magic Sculp
Epoxy putty that can be shaped by hand, sanded, carved and painted. Great for props.
Makeup Mania
Lots of makeup and hair color including professional SFX makeup like "Eye blood" which makes your eyes red,blue or yellow. Also alginate, ultracal, silicon, foam latex and more. Ben Nye, Kryolan, Graftobian, Rogue Planet, Joe Blasco, William Tuttle. Also wigs, books, and instructional videos.
Gallery, Step by step instructions, FX supplies, wigs and DVD's
Maple Lens
Anime contacts. Want those big round looking irises? Get your contacts here.
Mardi Gras Masks
Mardi Gras feather masks and headdresses.
Mask Arts
Custom leather and neoprene latex masks. Also teaches mask making.
Mask Shop
Latex Masks
Venetian masks
Masks By Kerry
Female latex masks
Masks by Wendy Drolma
Gorgeous Leather masks
Mehron Inc
Theatrical makeup
Monster Makers
Latex mask making kits, fang kits, special effects supplies and more.
Motion Picture FX
Special effects supplies
Sealing & Bonding, Special FX & Model making, and Tooling. UK based.
Mr Dashbo
UK based theatrical FX makeup.
Thermoplastics (Wonderflex, Worblas, KobraCast), makeup, mastic, latex, wigs, contact lenses, hair color, and vamp teeth. German web store.
Neill's Materials
Neill Gorton's favourite products for sculpture, moulding, casting, prosthetics and makeup effects. UK based.
Their own line of prosthetic fantasy ears, including long elf ears a la World of Warcraft.
Nimba Creations
UK company. Supplies for lifecasting and special effect prosthetics.
Party Oasis
Venetian and Mardi Gras masks. Inexpensive.
Pinky Paradise
Round contact lenses for that big anime eye look.
Professional Plastics
ABS plastic sheets for thermoplastic prop making.
Props Shop
Made to order props, armor, and accessories for film, theater, and personal collections.
Realflesh Masks
High quality silicone masks made to order.
Rubber Mold Compounds
Flexible foams, plastics, rubber and mold making supplies.
EFX silicones, epoxies, urethanes and adhesives
Scream Team
Foam latex appliances
Semmerling & Schaefer Mask Studios
Masks and mask making workshops.
Casting supplies, resins, plaster, foams, latex, alginate, silicones.
Smooth-On, Inc.
Liquid Rubbers and Plastics. Dragon Skin FX specifically designed for creating silicone makeup appliances and skin effects. Also step by step instructions on mold making, casting and some FX makeup. Prop making materials like urethanes, silicones, and resins.
Waterbased face paints.
Special Effects Supply
Makeup, instructional DVDs, latex, life casting materials, books and other goodies.
Stage Supply
Theatrical makeup
Tap Plastics
Casting and plastics supplies. Fiberglass, Polyurethane foam, liquid latex, Polyethylene Sheet.
Teeth By Dnash
The Compleat Sculptor
Supplies for prop making, body casting, molds, special effects
The Maskery
The Mertailor
Custom mermaid tails
Trick or Treat Studios
Their own line of full head and face only creepy masks. If you want something a little different, have a look here.
US Composites
Expanding Urethane Foam
Vision Science Studios
Theatrical contact lenses
Visions of Venice
Venetian masks
Vacuum forming tables
Wolfe FX
Face Art & FX make-up and books.
Wonderflex World
Wonderflex and Fosshape for purchase on this blog with great photos, videos and FAQs for Wonderflex & Fosshape projects.
Wrights FX
Silicone masks and props
Xtreme Design FX
Superhero masks, cowls, capes, armor and accessories
You Know It Contact Lenses
Colored and SFX contact lenses

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